maris is a public and nonprofit consortium signed by the Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia
(INGV) and the University of Messina, Italy.

MARIS is particularly active in technological innovation for the human safety and the environmental heritage; both these activities are carried out in collaboration with industrial companies specialized in: environmental engineering for the disposal of waste and its transformation as energy resources, fire prevention and technologies for reduction / neutralization of fine particles.
In the UAE, MARIS is represented by P. Paolo Bruno, an INGV researcher, now professor at Abu Dhabi University-Petroleum Institute. He is a Geophysicist, specialized in seismic exploration, seismogenic, volcanic and geothermal studies and geological and geophysical data integration.

The background of Maris is based on study and research experiences of the INGV and university institutions. The strategic innovative research of MARIS is oriented towards the quality of the environment, control of pollution sources and the mitigation of environmental risk. Then, MARIS gives the local authorities a scientific and technical support for the development of coastal-marine monitoring systems. Maris is also interested in the effects of climate change.

In addition, MARIS carries out high-profile training in multidisciplinary field of energy and environment with particular attention to the technical-management of energy production from renewable sources, giving priority to sustainable development processes characterized by efficiency and energy saving.
MARIS is also involved in the prevention and safety areas through the development of integrated remote control systems, acquisition, processing and data interpretation, even with the use of advanced techniques of artificial intelligence.

MARIS has patented, together with other partners, some instrumental equipment:

  • SIMON - Submarine system for monitoring the subsidence and bradyseism
  • OS-IS® - System to measure the sea-waves characteristic parameters
  • S3MAGII  - Magnetic signature underwater vehicle

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July 2018