MARIS has drones professional, on board of which is able to install equipment suitable to the purposes of recovery operations, as well as dedicated software for aerial reconnaissance and the acquisition of multiple information on different environmental scenarios.
Recent developments have allowed access to very complex technologies that allow to obtain reliable aerial platforms, such as drones multi-rotor radio controlled small in size, capable of transporting measuring instruments and perform operations routes in an autonomous way.
This methodology allows the investigation of hazardous areas or difficult to access and allows you to capture various data in a short time and over large areas.
In this context, we produce orthophotos operating at very high spatial resolution and video-photographic surveys also processed to provide metric data and 3D models. In particular, in the preservation and enhancement of the cultural and artistic heritage, we consider it essential documentation of important structures subject to deterioration that allows you to monitor the conservation status over time.
Three-dimensional models of archaeological sites and monuments of individual obtained by the photogrammetric technique can be interactive on the web, and easily accessible both by specialists and by other entities (companies linked to the territory and operating in the cultural heritage and tourism). The same technique can be extended to the monitoring of risk scenarios, such as landslides, quarry faces, evolution of river margins and all those processes characterized by rapid morphological evolution.

In summary, MARIS work with their drones in the following ways:

  • acquisition of remote sensing images for the characterization of the natural, scenic, urban, architectural, archaeological
  • monitoring of industrial systems, areas subject to remediation and conversion, shipbuilding, infrastructure and regional
  • reconnaissance of areas subject to hydrogeological risk, landslides, forest areas and interface exposed to the risk of fire, monitoring of incidents and events where it is exposed to risk the safety of persons
  • surveillance activities or locations or installations involved processes with emission of pollutants discharged with wastewater, fumes, vapors, gases and toxic substances
  • services of monitoring and control in places, settlements, plants with poor accessibility.

The drones employed by Maris using components of the flight control and stabilization of great precision sensors, which allow overflights on the scene according to the programmed paths, the return to the base and the automatic landing in case of need.
The data collected by the sensors of the drone used are recorded on board or transmitted to the remote station capture with wireless technology.
Maris provides the complete service management and data acquisition with the use of its drones, in relation to the needs of the buyer.